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The ABC’s of Resumes, Interviewing Skills and Dressing for Success

Facilitator:  Mrs. Uva Coles

This workshop will assist the beaux in building their professional portfolio.  Namely, the young men will learn resume skill building techniques to appeal to prospective employers.  The workshop will then discuss interviewing tips that will build confidence when trying to attain a new position.  Lastly, pointers will be given on how to dress to exude a professional image in the workplace.

Managing Your Personal Wealth: Financial Goals and Priorities

Facilitator:  Ms. Erika McDaniel

This engaging and interactive workshop is designed to get the beaux thinking about their financial goals and how they can manage their own money to achieve these goals.  We will spend time discussing different money messages young people are getting and who influences those messages.  The beaux will also learn how to define and set financial goals and priorities, how to put a financial plan into action, how to use a “real life” budget that can be adjusted to meet their needs, and how to avoid common pitfalls of poor money management.  Through music, television and current events, we will take the topic of fiscal responsibility and make it relevant for today’s high school student.

Financial Aid Workshop

Facilitator:  Ms. Pamela Clark

The cost of higher education today presents a significant financial investment for most families.  This goal of this workshop is to help all qualified students finance their education, regardless of family income or personal resources.  Specifically, the workshop will cover the following: (1) applying for financial aid; (2) who can apply for financial aid; (3) federal aid programs; (4) New Jersey aid programs; and (5) other sources of aid.

Mentor Mel Little Goes on Speaking Tour

Beautillion mentor Melvin Little, engineer at Lockheed Martin, spoke to several students in the Washington, D.C. area on the importance of STEM education.  Click this link to read the full article:  Mel Little Goes on Speaking Tour

Candidate Interviews

Interviews will take place at Archer & Greiner, P.C.
All candidates should wear a shirt and tie.  A member of the selection committee will contact each candidate to notify him of the specific time of his interview.  Candidates are strongly encouraged to bring a parent to the interview.

Application Deadline

’09 Beau Tyree Watkins Talks About His Upcoming Football Season at Duke

Watch this interview to learn about how he plans to contribute to the 2010 Duke football team.

Application Opens

We are now accepting applications for the 2011 Beautillion:  A Few Good Men.  The program is open to all male high school juniors and seniors.  The application deadline is October 31, 2010.  Apply today!

The Kappa Beautillion

Sponsors and Donations

All of our funding comes from sponsors who believe in the impact of the program and are willing to support it financially.

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Make A Difference

Our scholarship foundation thrives solely on the generosity of our donors. Please consider donating to our foundation and help us send more academically talented youth to college. All contributions are tax-deductible.

Purchase 2015 Beautillion Items

Get a copy of the souvenir book and DVD of the 2015 Beautillion: Heirs to the Throne. DVD copies include a video montage, interviews with the beaux and complete coverage of the ball!
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